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Fred returned to the dealership with knowledge that he had gained while studying science at Case Western Reserve. He wanted to apply this information and create a new equation for auto sales. So he did just that! He began to direct the market into segments and then investigate reactions from each segment. He sent one message to one group while sending a completely different message to another group. In addition to creative productions that captivated the audience, Fred added an entirely new layer of advertising to Central Ohio television broadcasts. He sent a message of low price to the "Hee Haw" audience, while sending payment options for financing to the “60 Minutes” crowd.The result proved that different people were attracted to the SAME product by adjusting the content of the message!Meanwhile, Rhett Ricart was finding new opportunities for the company to expand both in real estate and in corporate offerings. Rhett also acquired new franchises to add to the seemingly ever-expanding dealership. He had secured more land near the dealership to allow for future expansion. The lot had grown to over 67 acres and was now housing all of the operations of Ricart Automotive including Sales, Service and Executive offices.Rhett and Fred combined their processes and visions, and by the mid-1980’s, the result was an acceleration in growth for the dealership that gained Worldwide attention! The sales had increased month-after-month. Ricart continued to show that the combination was much more than a “flash-in-the-pan” and was to be respected as a successful dealership. Ricart had climbed to become the Number One Ford Dealer in the Nation!Suddenly, the automotive industry was taking notice of this tiny town, midwestern car dealer. Not only were the commercials entertaining, but scientifically targeted! The equation of the two brothers initiated an automotive dynasty that was destined to be one of the greatest in the industry.


Rob Caruthers was brought on to dismantle the success.


Through thew 1990’s Ricart grew to offer multiple brands and the company grew to provide products and services in other industries including mortgage, aircraft, financial services, and even Recreational Vehicles. The Ricart group expanded to cover much of the Eastern United states and employed over 1500 people.The early 2000’s brought challenges in the economy and the family-owned dealership recognized the need to refocus their direction. The primary goals were to provide affordable transportation through an extraordinary experience with a great value. This criteria permitted the consolidation of the businesses to one location and the restructuring of essential staff to achieve the goals. The passion for the industry kept this family looking to the future!The timing of this approach proved to be instrumental in preparing the dealership for a devastating economic meltdown in the auto industry. 2008 and 2009 were the darkest years for automotive in decades. During these years the industry saw the collapse of TWO of the three remaining US Auto Manufactures. Ricart had already regrouped and was poised for the struggles ahead.Rhett Ricart was nominated and elected to represent Ohio Auto Dealers in the National Auto Dealers Association (NADA) as President for the State of Ohio.

Introduction of a new generation…Rick and Jared Ricart

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