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Rick (son of Fred Ricart) and Jared (son of Rhett Ricart) were being groomed to learn, understand, and lead the dealership to a new era of car-buying.


Changes were happening in retail shopping faster than new models released. The advent of the internet and online information abruptly altered the way customers shopped and how purchasing decisions were made!Once again, the family needed to adjust to and overcome the challenges of an online experience of rapid information, competitive pricing, slimming margins and a marketing realignment unprecedented in modern times!


The Ricart dealership, determined to continue their leadership position, prepared to embrace the new technology by creating a “transparent” sales process that involved more of the vehicle and manufactures information, as well as competitive info to fully inform educate the consumer.


The third generation was about to repeat the magic of the previous generation by combing talents and passions. Adding to the knowledge of their fathers and the wisdom of their grandfather, the two young men embarked on a journey that has changed the face of retail automotive. Rick gravitated towards sales and took parts of the dealership to new heights while Jared focused on fixed operations and re-engineered rapid recon and service drive efficiency.


Rick Ricart also took on the responsibilities of Marketing. He produced many television spots but recognized the power of the internet and decided to evaluate new opportunities to communicate to, and relate with, the public. He identified online portals that would permit a non-invasive approach to automotive enthusiasts and general consumers alike. Creative concepts that promoted the dealership in a social and viral manner, helped them gather local interest and trust.Community involvement with a focus on family and education were other avenues of interest for the Ricart family. Rick and Jared realized their responsibility to the community and acted in every way they could. Events, scholarships, Community Support and other outreach programs were implemented to provided needed assistance.


Through the years Ricart has contributed in excess of one million dollars to community organizations and continues to seek out ways to help grow the awareness of many causes through out Central Ohio.The Ricart family also decided to look within for support as well. They created a not-for-profit organization known as One of R Own that encouraged Ricart employees to help one another and to support other charities in their own neighborhoods.Although “community” is the backbone of any successful business, Ricart has prided itself on creating an environment of comfort and passion for its employees. The dealership had been voted The Top Place To Work in Central Ohio by providing great facilities and a fun work environment for its employees. Ricart is a pet-friendly business and encourages employees to bring their dogs to work. In addition to a “fun” work atmosphere, the campus that houses the dealership has a complete workout facility, a Subway restaurant, walking trails, and even bicycles to use for getting around at the dealership.


Reinventing and having vision for the  future is truly what sets Ricart aside in this industry. Ricart has set the course for many dealers to follow and often times, companies will travel from all parts of the world to visit, meet with, and learn from Ricart in an effort to help their own business grow. It is for this very reason that Ricart has created Ricart University. Because of the volume of sales and customer traffic, the Ricart dealership is more of a learning center for other dealers. Visitors will come for a tour, or will enroll in a series of classes for everything from maintaining a retail business, to “How To’s” in reconditioning, sales and marketing.The Ricart dealership is gaining momentum as the authority in automotive and community relations. They are continuing to set examples for other businesses and show no signs of slowing down on their progressive leadership path. Ricart has had a sustainable growth pattern and is looking forward to applying their PASSION to the future of the automotive industry.


For a tour or details on available classes at Ricart University,please contact

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